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  • Sunline V-Plus fluorocarbon of 50 m #2 0.235 mm 4 kg (16580726)

Sunline V-Plus fluorocarbon is the new model which united in itself modern fluorocarbon material with progressive TRP technology (Triple Resin Processing is threefold processing by pitch) therefore very soft and elastic fishing line which has high durability on knots turned out, has low memory, is easily tied and is durable in use. To achieve a bigger abrazivoustoychivost and high smoothness of V-Plus fluorocarbon, special impregnation for ARS (Abrasion Resistant Slippery) technology thanks to which it was succeeded to improve characteristics of a fishing line considerably was used. Now even during catching in places with the increased abrasive influence, you can be sure of the tackle. Sunline V-Plus fluorocarbon is used for knitting of leads in feeding, float and spinning ultralaytovy catching, including in salty water. Characteristics: Model: V-PLUSDiametr, mm: 0. 235 Diameter, #: 2 Of Dlina, m: 50 Explosive loading, kg: 4

Reviews Sunline V-Plus fluorocarbon of 50 m #2 0.235 mm 4 kg (16580726)

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Sunline V-Plus fluorocarbon of 50 m #2 0.235 mm 4 kg (16580726)

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