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  • Shnur YGK G-Soul X3 150m #0.3/4.5lb c: light yellow (55450028)

Cords of the G-Soul X-3 series are an inexpensive wattled cord from the Japanese producer YGK. Shnur perfectly proved at fishers who apply an ultra-laytovuyu tackle, first of all thanks to existence in the range, superthin cords and to their improbable flight qualities as for cords of this price diapazonatsvt a cord – acid-yellow, easily noticeable even in muddy water. Characteristics: Producer: YGKModel: G-Soul X-3dlina, m: 150 Diameter, mm: 0. 094 Diameter, #: 0. 3Lb: 4. 5 Colour: Svetlo-zheltyystrana producer: Japan

Reviews Shnur YGK G-Soul X3 150m #0.3/4.5lb c: light yellow (55450028)

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Shnur YGK G-Soul X3 150m #0.3/4.5lb c: light yellow (55450028)

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