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Shnur YGK G-Soul EGI Metal – a novelty from the Japanese company YGK. The increased wear resistance and endurance are indisputable pluses of this cord. As follows from the name, YGK G-Soul EGI Metal, a cord was developed for catching of a squid, that is application in the most adverse conditions – in a rakushnik, stones. In difference from classical YGK G-Soul, YGK G-Soul EGI Metal one and a half times are stronger, and at the expense of a special covering is more protected from abrasives. Shnur is painted over by high-quality paint which throughout long time will keep without loss of saturation. For bigger informational content, pieces of a wicker are painted over in three colors, thereby giving the chance to you to determine the range of throwing and depth of a point. Characteristics: Producer: YGKModel: G-Soul EGI MetalDlina, m: 120 Diameter, mm: 0. 117 Diameter, #: 0. 5 Explosive loading, kg: 4. 5Lb: 10 Country producer: Japan

Reviews Shnur YGK G-Soul EGI Metal 120m #0.5/0.117mm 10lb (55450001)

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Shnur YGK G-Soul EGI Metal 120m #0.5/0.117mm 10lb (55450001)

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