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  • Shnur Sunline Siglon PE h8 150m (temn-zet.) #1.5/0.209mm 25lb/11.0kg (16580979)

Shnur Siglon PE – a novelty of 2017 of the Sunline company for fans and fans for any way of catching. A strong multifiber cord with high rates of explosive loading with knot and without it. Rather rigid, smooth also does not absorb water thanks to special impregnation. Shnur is made in two modifications – the 4th and 8 vein. It is presented in 4 flowers that will allow to pick up necessary color of a cord under conditions of fishing and easy tracking it in water. Siglon PE will present the good range of throwing and the maximum pleasure from fishing! Characteristics: Category: Fishing tovarypodkategoriya: Groves and shnurypodkategoriya: ShnuryProizvoditel: SunlineModel: Siglon PE h8 dark greendlina, m: 150 Diameter, mm: 0. 209 Diameter, #: 1. 5 Explosive loading, kg: 11 Lb: 25 Country producer: Japan

Reviews Shnur Sunline Siglon PE h8 150m (temn-zet.) #1.5/0.209mm 25lb/11.0kg (16580979)

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Shnur Sunline Siglon PE h8 150m (temn-zet.) #1.5/0.209mm 25lb/11.0kg (16580979)

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