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Expansion of a model range of cords Inquisitor. Now, along with the 4th the vein cord is a vein cord in assortment of Golden Catch the 8th. Made of modern Japanese material. In difference from the 4th vein, 8X section possesses ideal round, is stronger on a gap, and at the expense of more slippery covering provides excellent kastingovy characteristics. Distinctive feature of a cord of Inquisitor 8X is rather high wear resistance and sensitivity. The model range is presented by diameters from 0. 6 to 2. 5 on the Japanese classification in unwindings of 150 and 200 meters. Characteristics: Size 0. 8 Diameter 0. 148 mmtest 6. 3 kg / 13. 9 lb

Reviews Shnur GC PE0.8 (4139031)

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Shnur GC PE0.8 (4139031)

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