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Favorite Smart PE of the 3rd is the budgetary three-vein cord which can become a quite good compromise solution for those who need inexpensive, but working thread. Thanks to the material H-Grade PE the model has optimum softness and durability and also has high sensitivity. The additional silicone covering of Si-coating (Silicone Coating) does a surface smooth and slippery, reducing friction about rings, increasing the range of throwing and prolonging cord service life. Also the cord with such covering absorbs water less. Special painting of LP (Lifetime Painting) allows to keep bright color of a cord for a long time. Modern manufacturing techniques allowed to create not only thicker, but also the thinnest cords, beginning from #0. 15 on the Japanese numbering that, undoubtedly, will please fans of ultralaytovy catching. However three-vein cords have also shortcomings, such as more flat section and smaller wear resistance, in comparison with four-vein that is with interest compensated by their low cost. Shnur Favorite Smart PE of the 3rd it is possible to carry to universal model which equally successfully can be used in all types of spinning catching and also in feeding fishing. Characteristics: Dlina, m: 150 Diameter, mm: 0. 085 Diameter, #: 0. 25 Explosive loading, kg: 2. 2Lb: 5

Reviews Shnur Favorite Smart PE of 3x 150 m (yellow fluorescent) #0.25/0.085mm 5lb/2.2kg (16931052)

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Shnur Favorite Smart PE of 3x 150 m (yellow fluorescent) #0.25/0.085mm 5lb/2.2kg (16931052)

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