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The Shimano Sahara coil is medium-priced model which borrowed all most advanced technologies from the most high-class coils. Such systems as allowed to create very reliable and powerful mechanism capable to keep smooth work even after long operation. The case is made of modern composite material XT-7 which differs in the small weight at preservation of durability of a design. The metal holodnokovany AR-C Spool spool allows to make distant throwings thanks to the minimum friction of a fishing line about its side. The coil is equipped with the VariSpeed II system meaning giving of the spool with a different speed thanks to what it is reached dense and uniform laying of a fishing line. The handle made of strong aluminum alloy is equipped with a convenient rubber knob, an anatomic form. The Shimano Sahara coil is one of the most universal models which will satisfy needs not only of beginners, but also professionals of spinning catching. the case is made of strong composite material XT-7; innovative design of G Free Body; 4 ball-bearings and 1 roller; high-strength Hagane drive; technology X-Ship - the increased main gear wheel; aluminum AR-C Spool spool; system of laying of a fishing line VariSpeed II; the roller of a lesoukladyvatel of Power Roller excluding twisting of a fishing line; system of an instant anti-reverse Super Stopper II; metal fine-molded handle; coil type: spinning; lesoyemkost: Nylon 0. 16-150/0. 18-120/0. 20-95; spare spool: no.

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Shimano Sahara 2500S FI HG coil

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