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  • Additive in oil NANOPROTEC ACTIVE REGULAR support  Free shipping

Intelligent lubricating composition (ISC) NANOPROTEC ACTIVE REGULATOR (additive)

Intelligent lubricant composition Nanoprotec Active Regular is designed to maintain performance and wear protection of gasoline, diesel and gas engines of cars pre-treated with other Nanoprotec Active ICNs.

Efficiency: Nanoprotec ICCs create conditions in which surfaces in engine friction points are coated with a nanomodified protective layer that has a low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and is capable of retaining more oil. ISK Active Regular provides support for this layer and its recovery in case of wear and tear. This keeps the performance of the engine at the level reached when the engine is treated by other Nanoprotec ICNs. The following effects are supported:

Increased resource - the protective layer significantly reduces the wear rate of the most loaded friction parts, which determine the engine life. In addition, the treated surfaces retain oil better, which protects the engine at the moments of oil starvation during overheating, active driving and emergency oil loss;

Start-up relief and cold start protection - the treated surfaces are capable of retaining the oil layer when the engine is idle for a long time in the off state. This makes it easier to make the first turns and prevents the increased wear of the engine during oil starvation at the time of launch, which is especially important at a negative ambient temperature;

Rated engine power - a dense oil layer in the gaps of the GPG provides the necessary gas density, which leads to the maintenance of compression and the qualitative combustion of fuel. In addition, a dense oil layer shifts the friction regime towards hydrodynamic, which reduces frictional losses. All this allows to maintain engine power at the level of nominal values;

Low fuel consumption - creating conditions for a high-quality combustion of fuel, reducing friction losses provides fuel economy;

Low oil burn - maintaining optimum gaps between the oil ring and the cylinder walls prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber and allows to reduce or completely eliminate the oil burn;

Reduction of vibrations and noise - restoration and equalization of compression on the cylinders leads to their smooth operation. In addition, a dense layer of oil softens the rearrangement of the pistons. All this reduces vibration and noise in the engine;

Low toxicity - restoration of compression and optimization of the gaps in the cylinder-piston group ensure a high-quality combustion of fuel, which leads to reduced toxicity of exhaust gases.

Application procedure: Engine processing ACK Active Regular is performed after each oil change. It is necessary to add the composition to the new oil according to the following procedure:

Warm up the engine to operating temperature (normal operation).

Stop the engine.

Thoroughly mix the contents of the vial so that the sediment at the bottom is distributed throughout the volume of the liquid.

Pour the composition into the oil filler neck of the engine. (For the petrol engines: if the volume of the oil system is less than 5 liters, 1 bottle is needed, more than 5 liters, 2 ISK bottles are needed. For diesel engines: with a volume of oil system less than 7 liters, 1 bottle, more than 7 liters - 2 bottles of ICS are needed).

Immediately after adding the composition, drive the car for 20-25 minutes in normal operation mode.

After the end of the procedure, the car can be used as usual.


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Additive in oil NANOPROTEC ACTIVE REGULAR support Free shipping

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