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  • Additive for 4-stroke motorcycles NANOPROTEC МОТОТЕС 4

Tribotechnical composition NANOPROTEC MOTOTEC 4 is designed specifically for the restoration, protection and prolongation of the life of four-stroke engines of motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and other types of motor vehicles.

The basis of the intellectual lubricant composition MOTOTES 4 is a finely dispensed mineral with special properties in a neutral carrier. Under the influence of operating temperatures, the mineral interacts with the metal surfaces of engine friction pairs, without changing the chemical and physical properties of the oil. As soon as the mineral is taken over, the surfaces of the friction pairs are cleaned of deposits, varnishes and other deposits, after which the process of forming a new, protective nano-modified layer begins. Which partially restores the geometry of worn parts, and prevents their wear and tear.

Timely application of tribotechnical composition NANOPROTEC MOTOTEC 4 will allow:

Increase the engine power, due to the restoration of clearances to nominal values, increased compression and improved combustion quality;

Reduce fuel consumption by 4-6% at rated power, thanks to the restoration of the geometry of worn parts, reducing energy costs for friction due to a more dense oil film on the parts;

Reduce oil consumption "on the burn", by preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber;

Reduce noise and vibration, due to the retaining of more oil on the surfaces of friction pairs, including the crankshaft bearings and the entire crank mechanism;

Reduce the "hum" in the gearbox and improve the "rolling", thanks to the restoration and lubrication of gears and bearings of the unit.

The processing of four-cycle engines of motor vehicles takes place in 2 stages.

If the volume of the engine is up to 500 cm3, use exactly half the vial of the intellectual lubricant composition, for the engine volume of more than 500 cm3, use the vial of the composition.

 At the first stage, in the engine warmed up to operating temperatures, the NANOPROTEC MOTOTEC 4 compound is mixed thoroughly through the oil filler hole, until the useful sediment is dissolved. At this stage, the surfaces of the engine and gearbox pairs are cleaned of deposits, varnishes and other deposits. Immediately after pouring it is necessary to make a trip in normal operation mode, lasting not less than 25 minutes.

After a run of 300-400 kilometers, it is necessary to change the oil in the engine and the oil filter, if it is provided for in the design, and again to fill the tribotechnical composition of NANOPROTEC MOTOTEC 4. Here the second stage of treatment with the composition begins. At this stage, the formation of a new, protective nano-modified layer begins, which will protect and prolong the life of the engine as a whole.


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Additive for 4-stroke motorcycles NANOPROTEC МОТОТЕС 4

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