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  • Additive in oil NANOPROTEC ACTIVE GASOLINE for new cars Free shipping

Intelligent lubricant composition (NSC) NANOPROTEC ACTIVE GASOLINE (additive)

ICS Active Gasoline is designed to protect against wear and maintenance of the performance of gasoline and gas engines of cars with a mileage of up to 50,000 kilometers. Can be used for forced and turbocharged engines.

Efficiency: ICK Active Gasoline (private) creates the conditions under which the surfaces in the engine friction points are covered with a nanomodified protective layer, which has a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance. This layer partially restores the dimensions and geometry of the worn parts, optimizes the gaps in the friction pairs, retains more oil on the friction surfaces.

This provides the following effects from the application of the formulation:

Increase in life - the protective layer significantly reduces the wear rate of the most loaded friction parts that determine the life of the engine;

Protection at high loads - the protective layer significantly more effectively prevents the wear of friction parts at elevated loads due to structural features (microhardness and microelasticity) and retaining more oil;

Start-up relief and protection during "cold start" - the treated surfaces are able to hold the oil layer in the long idle time. This makes it easier to make the first turns and prevents the increased wear of the engine during oil starvation at the time of launch, which is especially important at a negative ambient temperature;

Protection with active driving - the treated surfaces retain a denser oil layer that reduces wear and compensates for oil starvation at times of rapid engine speed;

Fuel economy - the protective layer and the oil it holds seal the gaps in the cylinder-piston group, thereby equalizing the compression, improving fuel combustion, and reducing friction losses. This reduces fuel consumption by 6-8%;

Reduction of vibration and noise - restoration and equalization of compression on the cylinders leads to smooth operation of the engine. In addition, a dense layer of oil softens the rearrangement of the pistons. All this reduces vibration and noise in the engine;

Reduction of toxicity - restoration of compression and optimization of gaps in the cylinder-piston group ensure a high-quality combustion of fuel, which leads to reduced toxicity of exhaust gases.

Instructions for use: Engine processing Nanoprotec Active Gasoline (additive) is produced in two stages.

Stage 1: add ISK Nanoprotec Active Gasoline to the working oil for 500-1000 km before the replacement; Regular operation of the car before the scheduled oil change (at least 500 km).

Stage 2: add ISN Nanoprotec Active Gasoline to the new oil;

Obligatory maintenance: oil change, replacement of oil and air filter. Regular operation of the car before the scheduled oil change.

After 20-30 thousand km, processing of the Nanoprotec Active Regular engine is recommended.

At each stage, it is necessary to add the composition to the engine oil according to the following procedure:

Warm up the engine to operating temperature (normal operation).

Stop the engine.

Thoroughly mix the contents of the vial so that the sediment at the bottom is distributed throughout the volume of the liquid.

Pour 1 bottle of ICC into the oil filler neck of the engine. (In case the volume of the oil system is more than 5 liters, two bottles must be poured).

Immediately after adding the composition, drive the car for 20-25 minutes in normal operation mode.

After the end of the procedure, the car can be used as usual.

Reuse of Nanoprotec Active Gasoline is recommended after 100 000 km of run after the initial treatment. For turbocharged and boosted engines it is recommended to reuse after 50 000-55 000 runs.

To achieve the full level of protection of the car, it is recommended to treat all components and mechanisms of the transmission, fuel pump, power steering and chassis with additives.


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Additive in oil NANOPROTEC ACTIVE GASOLINE for new cars Free shipping

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