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  • Podsak Lineaeffe Special of 2 m (6100550)

Fishing podsak is an irreplaceable tool of the skilled fisher when smiled to it to hook large fish. As happens offensively if the large copy comes across, and near at hand there was no podsak! In particular, some species of fish cannot just be caught only one rod — such catch usually tears a fishing line and goes back to a reservoir. Folding podsak from the known Italian company Lineaeffe has the sufficient length 2 meters and a strong aluminum design successfully to pull out the large hooked fish on the coast. The head of a podsak has the size of 50 x 57 cm, and the grid with the small section of 21 mm perfectly will be suitable also for catching of small-sized fish. For convenience of transportation and fast reduction in the working condition, model it is equipped with the One Touch Opening button. Characteristics: Dlina: 200 smdiametr: 50x57 smyacheyka: 21 mm

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Podsak Lineaeffe Special of 2 m (6100550)

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