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Podsak Favorite boat – the irreplaceable tool of any spinningist which hunts for large fish. The sizes of a frame of 80х70 cm allow to place freely there an impressive trophy and without problems to lift it in the boat. The grid made of strong nylon has monolithic structure therefore does not absorb water and is not confused on bait hooks. The place of fastening of the handle and the head of a podsak has the strengthened design to avoid loss of durability in this knot. During transportation the handle freely acts or moves in a frame, overall dimensions thereby decrease. On the handle the centimetric scale for determination of length of the hooked fish is put. Characteristics: Quantity of sections: 1 Type: lodochnyydlin (cm): 193 Of Dlina tr. (cm): 120 Diameter (cm): 80х70

Reviews Podsak Favorite of boat 193 cm (handle of 120 cm) (16931137)

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Podsak Favorite of boat 193 cm (handle of 120 cm) (16931137)

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