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Trout catching – cult occupation of Japanese which involves the correct approach not only in baits and fishing-rods, but also in careful attitude to the hooked fish. Catching in the sports Catch & release mode assumes use of podsachek only with a soft rubber grid. The trout very sharply behaves not only on a vyvazhivaniye, but also in a podsaka. The soft grid does not do to fish of injuries. Having tested the majority available on sale podsak, we created the model which is the most suitable for our conditions of catching. Tapping of Arena have the wide head and the extended handle that allows to take easily fish not only from comfortable a vymostok, but also from the "difficult" coast.

Reviews Podsak Favorite arena 1.4m skladnoy-korichnevyy (16931048)

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Podsak Favorite 'arena 1.4m skladnoy-korichnevyy' (16931048)

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