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  • Nomura Haru Front Drag FD3000 coil (NM10620930)

NOVELTY of 2018!!! Model of average price range with the nice case of black color. Has the facilitated modern alloy casing, the punched spool facilitated aluminum and a supereasy ergonomic handle from metal. The coil is supplied with 9 ball-bearings in a combination 8+1. Power reserve of this coil means its use when catching by an "average" and "heavy" spinning. Features: one way clutch system (instant stopper of a back run); spare spool (graphite); multidisk system of a frictional brake; the fine-molded anodized aluminum spool; a possibility of installation of the handle under the left/right hand. Characteristics: Season: friction clutch lithotype: peredniytiporazmer: 3000 Transfer relation: 5. 1:1kol-in bearings: 8+1vmestimost spools: 0. 21 mm - 200 mves: 299 g

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Nomura Haru Front Drag FD3000 coil (NM10620930)

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