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Welcome to my store!

Im engaged in sales from 2015 in online stores, I have a lot of experience in collecting, setting up bicycles and selling them, also in my store you will find such comrades as knives, spare parts for bicycles, steering wheels, take out for bicycle rudders, gloves for Down Hill, bicycle brake discs and much more.

If if you have any questions about the product or you do not find something in my store, you can always contact me by email, I will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

I always monitor the availability of goods in my store, if you see that the goods are sold, you can make a request and maybe the goods will be ordered again so that in the near future it again was available.

Basically, I do sales in Ukraine, but if you need to send an order outside Ukraine, please contact me on these contact details.

My contact details:

E-mail: armash295@gmail.com

Skype: ivanarmash

Mobile phone: +380673569903

Regards, Ivan

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