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  • Flask of SKY HOOKAH Craft GLCH Nacre

Sky Hookah (Skye Hook) – one of popular brands at fans of hookahs which products combine stylish minimalist design, quality and practicality. The flask is compatible to the majority of mines. All flasks are made manually and therefore differs from each other in insignificant details. Approaches practically all hookahs on sealant.
Sky Hookah Producer
Country Ukraine producer
Flask Type for a hookah
Material Glass
Volume is 1.8 (l)
Internal diameter of a neck there are 4.5 cm
Diameter of the basis there are 16 cm
External diameter of a neck there are 7 cm
Weight of 1.6 kg
Height of 27 cm
Nacre Colour

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Flask of SKY HOOKAH Craft GLCH Nacre

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