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  • Zoo VIP Relaxing Gel with Mint and Lavender for Animals (Veda)

Zoo VIP Gel Preimushchestva relaxing with mint and a lavender for animals (Veda) of means: elimination of fatigue, hypostases, painful feelings of legs improvement of blood circulation at problems with venous blood circulation unloading of nervous system Thanks to a combination in gel of essential oils of menthol and a lavender promotes hygienic improving ligament, joints and muscles care and helps to remove emotional pressure after intensive physical activities. Gel actively influences microcirculation that helps at the hypostases caused by violation of venous outflow of blood. Cream is intended for daily and course application. Dlitelnost of course is from two to three weeks. Maslo of a lavender promotes optimization of an emotional state. Maslo of mint with the high content of menthol, has the anti-inflammatory and strengthening capillaries effect, promotes removal of hypostases due to strengthening of outflow of blood in extremities, possesses the strong cooling action. Method of application: To apply on problem sites of an animal before full absorption. To use as required, before total disappearance of symptoms of fatigue or excitement. Rest for 30 minutes after application of means is recommended. Hypoallergenic not to apply on the damaged sites of skin, to avoid on hit on mucous. Contraindications and not compatibility with others hygienic and medicines are not revealed. It is appointed and recommended for animals: cosmetic and hygienic muscle, ligaments, sinews and joints care for skin care for the purpose of strengthening of capillaries, for blood circulation improvement, for stimulation of a metabolism for relaxation of sheaves, elimination of fatigue after intensive loadings date editing the description: 20.01.2021

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Zoo VIP Relaxing Gel with Mint and Lavender for Animals (Veda)

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