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  • Zoo VIP Shampoo-balm for horses with tar and propolis (Veda)

Zoo VIP horses Shampoo-balm the balm restoring the Concentrated shampoo with tar and propolis (Veda) provides professionally high quality of hygienic care for a horse. Shampun is intended to balsas for regular care for the skin indumentum of a horse which lost healthy appearance owing to the postponed skin diseases, violations of growth and health of hair. Tar the birch, possessing universal improving, disinfecting, wound healing action stimulating growth and updating of indumentum is a part of shampoo. Vkhodyashchy a part of shampoo a hydrolyzate of collagen restores structure of a hair on all length, smoothes keramidny plates, humidifies and protects a natural cover of a hair core. Shampun balm adds to a horse a luster and gloss, restores healthy appearance. Shampun is easily washed away and has a pleasant fresh smell. Shampun balm has the same level rn, as integuments of a horse therefore when washing it does not delete natural fat protection of a body. Method of application: Shampun balm is diluted in any capacity concerning 1:10 with warm water, stirred before formation of steady foam, applied on indumentum of a horse, avoiding hit in eyes and ears, and slightly rub. Leave shampoo to balsas on indumentum within 3 minutes for strengthening of the restoring effect. After that shampoo is washed away warm water, wool is dried up and combed. At strong pollution of skin indumentum of a horse the procedure is repeated. Mozhno to use shampoo in not divorced look, applying it on the wool which is previously moistened with warm water. Side effects: Individual intolerance of separate components. date editing description: 20.01.2021

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Zoo VIP Shampoo-balm for horses with tar and propolis (Veda)

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