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Versele Laga Complete Ferret the Main forage for polecats the Full-fledged balanced forage for polecats which completely satisfies dietary needs of the pet. Tasty granules "all-water" contain natural meat of chicken, a turkey, duck and salmon. In total proteins of animal origin in this forage make 90% of total number of a protein that is extremely important for health of your domestic predator. Polecats have unique digestive system which demands a proper correlation in a diet of proteins and fats that the pet was active and healthy. Korm for polecats of Versele-Laga Complete is prepared taking into account this feature and contains 20% of fat and 40% of a protein on the basis of fowl (chicken, a duck, a turkey) and fishes (salmon). Granules are identical to Vsa on the structure to exclude selective food behavior which can become the cause of obesity and other problems connected with health at polecats. Each granule contains taurine for strengthening of a cardiovascular system, prebiotics for support of the immune system and is enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex. Preimushchestva Versele Laga Complete Frret: the full-fledged forage in the form of extruded granules "all-water" absolutely excludes selective fodder behavior, however completely satisfies gastronomic preferences of your pet is specially developed for polecats taking into account requirements of their food and full balance of a diet contains 90% of protein of animal origin of total number of a protein: meat of chicken, a turkey, duck, salmon for ideal taste, optimum digestion and activity of your pet without grain and without gluten taurine and a L-carnitine promote normal functioning of a cardiac muscle, besides, the L-carnitine improves metabolism of fats that allows a polecat to support optimum weight and the activity does not contain sugar, GMO, artificial fragrances, preservatives a proper correlation of a protein (40%) and fat (20%) tooth care: the unique method of production of a forage allows to receive optimum structure and hardness of granules, at the same time the hygiene of a cavity of a mouth thanks to the extract of green tea added to a forage also improves that in turn prevents formation of a dental plaque includes a complex of vitamins and minerals contains ingredients with prebiotic action: FOS (fruktooligosakharida) and beer yeast which strengthen immunity promote healthy digestion and full assimilation of a forage brilliant wool and healthy skin: beer yeast, the Omega-3 (oil of a salmon), the Omega-6 (animal fat) a calendula – disinfecting and bactericidal means against some causative agents of diseases, especially stafilokokk and streptococci, possesses the calming action on the central nervous system, reduces reflex excitability and arterial blood pressure, montmorillonitovy clay improves work of heart – the well of the minerals necessary for an organism of rodents contributes to normalization of the general and especially mineral exchange, improves digestibility and assimilation of nutritious components of a forage, strengthening of immunity is promoted by control of a smell of excrements thanks to extract of a yucca of Schidigera date editing the description: 23.06.2021

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Versele Laga Complete Ferret Basic food for ferrets

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