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Priroda Pesoks TM for chinchillas Special gentle sand for chinchillas. Carefully cleaned small fractions of quartz sand with additives for the best clarification of dense hair of chinchillas. Sand mix collects and absorbs fat and mechanical pollution, allocations of skin glands from wool. Serves as an important point of a mobile game, a relaxation, raising of a tone and the general mood. Sostav: the washed-out and sterilized sand of 93%, special lime for chinchillas of 6.2%, mineral components (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, iron, copper, manganese, zinc) of 0.8%. Application: daily (it is better in the evening) fill a wide bowl or to a ditch with sand on 3-5 cm, deliver to chinchillas for 30-40 minutes. After acceptance of a bathtub, to a ditch to remove to avoid sand pollution. Of the best effect sand to change Dl daily. Producer: LLC NPP Suzirya., Ukraine Product code: 416851 - Priroda Pesoks TM for chinchillas (1 kg) date editing the description: 08.06.2020

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TM Nature Sand for chinchillas

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