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  • Tregelm three-phase antiparasitic program

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Three-phase antiparasitic program

"Trigelm" is the newest three-phase antiparasitic program intended for the correction and prevention of the main parasitic bowel disease and the biliary system.


The Trigelm program is the most effective approach to the treatment of parasitosis - while chemicals are of a greater threat to human health, and phytotherapy is often used by people implainly, this product offers a speed, three-phase antiparasitic program, each link which consistently affects the body and Provides maximum therapeutic and prophylactic effect.


Phase I. Cleansing the intestines and biliary tract


Basic drug - "Trigelm. Formula 1: Purity origins "


The main task of this complex vegetation complex is the training of intestines and biliary tract to active antiparasitic effects. It is known that parasitic infections provoke the development of intestinal constipation and spasmodes of biliary tract. If you do not eliminate this barrier, then the antiparasitic substances literally simply will simply be able to reach parasites and will be blocked. Therefore, any antiparasitic treatment schemes should begin with cleansing the intestines and restore the normal passability of the biliary tract.


The vegetation complex "Tregelm. Formula 1 "provides powerful intestinal preparation due to the combined laxative effect of herbs such as SENNA, clover, burdock and licorice. The restoration of the patency of the biliary tract and the activation of the bonement is ensured by increasing the inclination of the solar, dispatcher, the Hypericum, Volodka, immortelle and linden.


In addition, many components of the complex "Trigelm. Formula 1 "Already at the purification stage, it is started to create an anti-parasitarian background to accelerate the subsequent phases of anti-parasitic purification. Such a soft anti-parasitic action on intestinal and hepatic parasites has such components such as succeeding, heel and St. John's wort.


Phase II. Antiparasitarian strike


Basic drug - "Trigelm. Formula 2: Fitopar "


As part of the drug "Trigelm. Formula 2 "focused the most powerful antiparasitic components, the activity of which is additionally increased due to the preliminary training of the intestines and the biliary tract.


The effect of one of the most effective drugs against intestinal parasites - wild grapefruit seed extract - strengthened due to another powerful anti-parasitic plant - Pijmas flowers. In addition, the preparations of the Pijmas are extremely active in respect of parasites of the jelly system. But to get the maximum effect, they should always be combined with powerful choleretic drugs. Therefore, the complex "Trigelm. Formula 2 "additionally introduced an artichoke extract.


And since natural anti-parasitic drugs ensure the death of only small parasites, and they are only temporarily immobilized, all this time continues the reception of the complex "Trigelm. Formula 1 ", which provides timely expulsion of parasites, for the time of the deprived of the ability to hold in the intestine.


Phase III. Restoration and secondary prevention


Basic drug - "Trigelm. Formula 3: Enterovit "


The main goal of the third phase is to ensure the restoration of the intestinal microflora after aggressive antiparasitic therapy, as well as to provide a smooth decrease in the antiparasitic background, so that, on the one hand, prevent toxic effects on the body, and on the other, it is destroyed by residual parasites that continue to stand out from hard-to-reaching biliary tract. This is how the plant complex "Tregelm.


Formula 3 ".


The extracts of the pharmaceutical chamomile, sandmotor and peppermint in combination with cloves provide a powerful biliary tube, and continue to have a soft antiparasitic effect. In addition, these medicinal plants contribute to the restoration of intestinal microflora, inevitably suffering during aggressive antiparasitic therapy.




How to use tripel? When and why?


After carefully studying the problem, the scientific and innovation center develops and testifies the corresponding product (or complex of products), using all the most modern knowledge in the field of micronutrientology, attracting the best specialists in this area. Production embodies an idea of ​​life by providing many people with the opportunity to support their health, prevent the development of certain diseases. When developing new schemes and products, there are always problems that can affect each of us or people close to us.


A surge of oncological diseases at the turn of the centuries made everyone and led to the emergence of a decent product in the Assortment of the Corporation - Bad "Novomin". At the initial stage of its use there was a lot of questions, and now any of the consultants know how to use this product,

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Tregelm three-phase antiparasitic program

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