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  • Baytril-10% bottle 100ml

Characteristics and description

Baytril is a drug for the treatment of chickens and turkeys, used for colibacillosis, salmonellosis, streptococcosis, necrotic enteritis, hemophilia, mycoplasmosis and other diseases.

Pharmacological properties:

Enrofloxacin, which belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones with a wide spectrum of antimycoplasmic and antibacterial action, inhibits the development and growth of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, incl. Escherichia, Salmonella, Hemophilus, Pasteurella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Bordetella, Clostridium, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter, Proteus, Corynebacteria, Mycoplasma. When administered parenterally, enrofloxacin is rapidly absorbed from the injection site and penetrates into all tissues and organs. The maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is reached after 20-40 minutes, it lasts for 24 hours after the administration of enrofloxacin.


Age group of birds Diseases Dose

Fattening turkey poults and broilers 1-3 weeks, reared broilers for breeding - 3 weeks

Chicks raised for egg production 1-5 weeks

salmonellosis, mixed infections or chronic forms 50 ml / 100 l of drinking water

Fattening turkey poults and broilers from 3 months

Chicks raised for egg production from 5 weeks of age

salmonellosis, mixed infections or chronic forms 100 ml / 100 l of drinking water

Poultry and broilers at the end of fattening or laying hens should receive a dose of at least 10 mg of enrofloxacin per day, based on 1 kg of live body weight.


Contraindications: simultaneous use of the drug with chloramphenicol, tetracyclines, macrolides, chloramphenicol, theophylline, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is not allowed, and also not to be mixed with Marek's vaccine.

Do not apply to laying hens.

Special instructions: slaughter of poultry for meat is allowed 11 days after the last application.

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Baytril-10% bottle 100ml

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