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Dermatological shampoo Fitoval formula against hair loss 200 ml description

Fitoval anti-hair loss shampoo is an original anti-hair loss product.

Highly active glycogen provides an additional source of energy for hair roots, accelerates hair growth, increasing the mitosis of keratinocytes in the hair follicle.

Hydrolyzed wheat peptides penetrate deep into the cortical layer of hair, renew and strengthen it from the outside and form a protective layer on its surface.

Arnica and rosemary extracts improve microcirculation in the scalp and have anti-inflammatory effects.

 Indications for use.

With excessive hair loss;

in violation of hair growth and renewal;

to strengthen thin, brittle and weakened hair and increase volume.

Application method

Apply evenly on wet hair and scalp.

Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Age: 18+

Application time: universal

Classification: pharmacy, dermatocosmetics

Purpose: for hair loss, cleansing

Gender: unisex

Hair type: all hair types

Volume: 100ml, 200ml

Made in: Slovenia

Country TM: Slovenia

Characteristics Capsules for hair strengthening Fitoval formula 60 capsules


For skin, hair and nails

Selected vitamins

Vitamin: B2 (riboflavin)

Vitamin: B7 (biotin)

Vitamin: B9 (folic acid)

Selected minerals



Release form


Number of capsules

60 pcs

Country of origin


Country of registration of the brand


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Dermatological shampoo Fitoval formula against hair loss 200 ml a plus Hair strengthening capsules Fitoval formula 60 capsules

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