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Sugar - 46.50 g, whole condensed milk with sugar - 40.25 g, iodcasein - 0.0013 g, caramel starch syrup - 19.08 g, black food albumin - 4.29 g, vanillin flavoring - 0.014 g.

Nutritional value per 100 g:

carbohydrates - 82.0 g;

proteins - 7.0 g;

fats - 3.4 g;

iron - 5.0 mg.

Energy value: 390 kcal / 1630 kJ.


Hematogen-iodine Happy kid has a general strengthening effect on the body, helps to restore metabolic processes, and stimulates hematopoiesis.

Its peculiarity is that it is enriched with iodinated protein iodcasein. This is a general tonic, which is used when there is a lack of protein and iron in the body.

Due to the high content of iodized protein, regular use of this supplement can normalize iodine levels in the body. This will relieve chronic fatigue and feelings of weakness. You will feel a noticeable improvement in digestion and overall health.

Recommendations for use

For adults and children as a general tonic, as an additional source of iron and iodine.

Mode of application

Children under three years old are recommended to consume 25 g per day, and adults 50 g per day.


It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

It is not a drug.

Shelf life

24 months.

Reviews Hematogen-iodine Happy kid 50 g tiles in foil 5 items.

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Hematogen-iodine Happy kid 50 g tiles in foil 5 items.

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