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Full-fledged forage for chinchillas and degus. Tasty, rich with cellulose, crispy granules of a forage - is a full-fledged forage without grains and sugar. Prevents selective fodder behavior. Contains all nutrients necessary for your pets for healthy and active life.
Ingredients : products of plant origin, extracts of vegetable proteins, seeds, minerals, frukto-oligosaccharides, yucca.
Analytical structure: 16% of the Squirrel, 3% Fats, 20% Crude cellulose, 8% Crude ashes, 1% Calcium, phosphorus of 0.5%.
Additive/kg : Nutritious additives: 10000 ME. Vitamin A, 1200 ME. D3 vitamin, 80 mg Vitamin E, 100 mg Vitamin C, 100 mg. Antioxidants.
Average standard daily rate of feeding: degusa - 30 g/days, chinchillas of 50 g/days

Packing : 1 kg, 25 kg
Producer : Versele-Laga, Versele-Laga N.V., Belgium Species of rodentsChinchillas
Deguforage Type for rodentsGranulated forage

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Versele-Laga Crispy Pellets Chinchillas & Degus - Granulirovanna grain mix for chinchillas and to the tag

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