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  • VET'S BEST (Vets Best) Allergy Itch Relief Spray - Sprey for dogs at an allergy, for sensitive skin
Any allergic reactions on skin of an animal are followed by dryness, an itch raised by wool loss. Such allergic reactions can be both the seasonal, and caused stings of insects. Allergy Itch Relief Spray spray of the VET'S BEST trademark promotes reduction of manifestation of allergic reactions on skin of an animal that leads to improvement of the general condition of a dog. Spray at the heart of which extracts and oils of herbs, has the calming and antibacterial effect. Spray is intended for the animals having an allergy and animals with sensitive skin and to treat medicines of local action, at allergic reaction to stings of fleas can be applied on all surface of skin.
Best rezkltat is reached when using in a complex with VET'S BEST shampoo (Vets Best) Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo which you can also buy in our online store. the Unique compounding of Allergy Itch Relief Spray spray provides
  • itch and reddening of skin
  • quickly calms
  • extract of a camomile promotes healing of small wounds and cracks
  • moisturizes the skin, preventing emergence of small cracks
  • tea tree oil and juice of an aloe render anibakterialny effect
  • does not contain alcohol, does not overdry skin of an animal
Local application: evenly and carefully apply means directly on an affected area. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 1-4 times a day, as necessary.
Application on all surface of wool : if your dog suffers from allergic reaction from stings of fleas, apply spray on all surface of a body daily or as necessary, but it is no more than two applications within 24 hours.
Caution: avoid drawing means in eyes, a mouth and genitals of an animal. In case of presence at an animal of parasites, consult with the veterinarian. Use of spray is not recommended for cats, to the pregnant and/or lactating animals, puppies up to 12 weeks.
to Store
in the place, inaccessible for children and animals.
Structure : water, the micronized oats, tea tree oil, Nym's oil, an aloe belief, a camomile and humidifiers.

Volume : 236 ml
Producer : Bremton Company, Dallas (Texas, USA)
Species of an animalDogsFormSprayAppointmentRestoring effect
Calming effectConcentrationBezkoncentratnyTypeMeans for a moistening / skin nourishment
Sedatives (itch, irritation)
Hypoallergenic means for cleaning
Wound healing means

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VET'S BEST (Vets Best) Allergy Itch Relief Spray - Sprey for dogs at an allergy, for sensitive skin

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