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  • Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital - A forage bonus for rabbits
The menu of Vital for adult rabbits is the balanced diet as a part of which you will find all necessary for healthy and long life of your pet. The forage contains the lucerne rich in fibers, fragrant apples, useful cereals, tasty vegetables. All necessary vitamins, minerals and minerals promote an excellent condition of your rabbit.
Preymushchestva of a forage: it is A lot of crude cellulose. Crude cellulose improves digestion and supports healthy intestinal microflora. Teeth: the structure rich with cellulose supports the grinding process, necessary for teeth.
Anti-began to smell: the special combination from 3 natural ingredients connects unpleasant smells and reduces their education. Does not contain some sugar, fragrances and artificial
Products of plant origin (10.6% of a lucerne),
cereals of 41.6%,
vegetables (pumpkin of dried 1%),
fruit (apple of dried 1%),
vegetable oils and fats,
Jukka Schidiger's extract.
Crude cellulose of 14.0%

Additive for 1 kg:
3a672a, vitamin A 12773 ME
E671, D3 981 ME
E8 vitamin, selenium of 0.138 mg
E1, iron of 44.24 mg
3b202, iodine of 0.07 mg
E4, copper of 5.93 mg
E5, manganese of 15.19 mg
3b603, zinc of 20.95 mg

the Recommendation about feeding: For dwarfish rabbits 6 months are more senior. A day about 45-55 g (4 tablespoons) + hay + drinking water.

Packing: 500 g, 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg
Producer: Vitakraft, Vitakraft pet care GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Species of rodentsRabbitsforage Type for rodentsGrain and grain - fruit mixes

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Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital - A forage bonus for rabbits

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