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  • Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital - A forage for guinea pigs

main forage of Vitakraft Menu Vital for a guinea pig is an ideal basis for optimum health of guinea pigs.

natural ingredients, as cereals, a vegetable offal, seeds, vegetable protein, vegetables, a grain offal and also minerals and vitamins, necessary for maintenance of viability, are a part. It is enriched with the vitamin C strengthening immunity.

vital vitamin C which the organism of guinea pigs independently does not produce and also vitamins A, B1, B2, D3 and E for optimum condition and health of your pet Contains

. Contains a large amount of fibers of hay for good digestion.

  • Contains vitamins, minerals
  • Without artificial fragrances
  • Packing about a zip-lokom does not contain artificial preservatives
  • keeps freshness of a forage.

Structure : cereals of 54.5%, products of plant origin, vegetables (beet of 2.6%, dried pumpkin of 1%), fruit (dried apples of 1%), minerals, oils and fats (rape oil of 0.2%), extract of a yucca of Schidiger, crude cellulose of 12.5%.

Additive on 1 kg: Vitamin A - 10998 ME, Vitamin A - 2236 ME, D3 Vitamin - 839 ME, Vitamin C - 420 mg, biotin - 171.5 mg, selenium - 0.115 mg, iron - 107.55 mg, iodine - 0.06 mg, copper - 4.84 mg, manganese - 12.43 mg, zinc - 17.18 mg.

the Recommendation about feeding: On one animal in day about 30-35 grams + hay and fresh water.

Packing : 400 g, 1 kg
Producer : Vitakraft, Vitakraft pet care GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Species of rodentsGuinea pigsforage Type for rodentsGrain and grain - fruit mixes

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Vitakraft Premium Menu Vital - A forage for guinea pigs

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