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Antiparasitic VetLine AnimAll collar (EnimAll) protects your pet from parasites and insects. The polymeric tape of a collar provides constant and slow release of active ingredients in stable concentration from a collar on a woolen cover of animals. Thus acaricide and insecticidal concentration of active ingredients on a wool cover of animals stable during the term of efficiency of a collar. The collar is well transferred by animals, does not possess local irritative action.

One collar contains active ingredients:
  • Imidakloprid - 10%,
  • Flumetrin - 4.5%.
Pharmacological properties:
ATCvet QP53, ektoparazititsida, insecticides and repellents (QP53AC55, flumetrin, combinations).
Pharmatsevticheskay action of a collar is caused by properties of active ingredients: imidakloprida and flumetrina.
Imidakloprid - ektoparazitotsid, belongs to group of chlornikotinilovy connections. Has high affinity to nicotinic atsetilkholinovy receptors in postsynaptic sites of nervous system of fleas. Interruption of transfer of a nervous impulse leads to paralysis and death of wingless insects: larvae and imago of fleas (Ctenocephalides canis, Ct. Felis, Pulex irritans), sew (Linognathus setosus), vlasoyed (Trichodectes canis, Felicola subrostratus). Imidakloprid has the low level of penetration through a hematoencephalic barrier therefore central nervous system of mammals practically does not influence.
Flumetrin - ektoparazititsid synthetic group of pyrethroids with high acaricide activity. Synthetic pyrethroids interact with sodium tubules of membranes of nervous cages therefore there is a depolarization of the nervous terminations that leads of a parasite to death. Flumetrin does not show antikholinesterazny activity.

Prevention and treatment of dogs and cats at defeat: fleas (Ctenocephalides felis, With t. Canis, Pulex irritans), louses (Linognathus setosus), vlasoyeda (Trichodectes canis, Felicola subrostratus) and parazitoformny pincers (Ixodes spp., Hyalomma spp., Dermacentor spp., Haemaphysalis spp., Rhipicephalus spp., Boophilus calcaratus).
Can be applied as one of means at treatment of allergic flea dermatitis.

the Dosage :
For external application. One collar is calculated only for one animal.
Open packing with a collar, develop it, fix freely around a neck of a dog or a cat so that between a neck and a collar there was a small interval (in 2 fingers), then close a buckle. The collar has to be free on a neck and not constrain growth of an animal. Length of a collar is regulated depending on the animal size.
Constant use of a collar provides protection of an animal against ektoparazit within 7 months.
At decrease in efficiency of action of a collar should replace it with new. Before bathing a collar it is desirable to take photographs of animals as considerable moistening of wool and leather of animals (a rain, bathing, swimming) reduce efficiency of a collar.
the Contraindication:
not to use
  • on patients and the weakened animals!
  • not to apply
  • on animals with the known hypersensitivity to medicine components!
  • not to apply
  • to puppies up to 7 weeks, to kittens - up to 10 weeks!
  • not to apply
  • to females during pregnancy and a lactation!
to Open packing with a collar just before use.
At the increased individual sensitivity of the owner of an animal to active ingredients, in the presence on hands of scratches and injuries of skin it is necessary to use rubber gloves.
After manipulations with a collar should wash up carefully hands warm water with soap.
Sometimes at animals at hypersensitivity to an imidakloprid or a flumetrin at application of a collar can arise irritation of skin. In such cases the application of a collar is stopped.
release Form: Collar is hermetically packed by
in a polymeric film and enclosed in a cardboard box. For small breeds of dog and cats.

to Store a collar in the closed packing in the dry place, inaccessible for children and animals, separately from foodstuff and forages at a temperature from 0 to 25 S.'s hail

Expiration date:
Expiration date in the closed packing - 5 years, after packing opening - 6 months.
Only for veterinary application!

Colour *: brown, coral, orange, violet
Length: 35 cm

Packing: 1 pieces / unitary enterprise.
Producer : AnimAll VetLine, AnimAll International GmbH (the country of registration of a brand - Germany, the country of placement of production capacities - Ukraine)
* colors of a product specify at the manager during commission of the order
Species of an animalDogs
CatsFormCollarProtection fromFleas
Ixodic pincers
Blood-sicking flies
Larvae of fleasBasic operating with the Eastern Military DistrictImidakloprid
FlumetrinSpecies of parasitesExternal parasitesapplication TypeFor external applicationApplication is authorized to the Louse
of 7 weeks
of 10 weeksAge of an animalAdult animals
growth Period (till 1 year)

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AnimAll VetLine (EnimAll VetLayn) the Collar antiparasitic for dogs and cats from fleas and ticks

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