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  • AnimAll VetLine (EnimAll VetLayn) FitoLine Nature - A collar antiparasitic for dogs and cats from fleas and ticks
It is applied to prevention of defeat of animals of an ektoparazitama: fleas and ticks. Besides possesses the expressed hygienic action: removes the naggers, irritation of skin.
Improves the general condition of skin and a wool cover thanks to action of vegetable composition.
Components of a collar provide protection of an animal against parasites within 3 months.

Polymeric tape with a smell of the making components: cinnamon oil, neem oil, lemon oil, carnation oil, absinthe oil, mint oil, polyvinyl chloride, isopropyl alcohol.

Method of application:
  • to open packing with a collar;
  • to fix
  • freely around a neck of an animal;
  • to fix
  • by a buckle.
Collar has to be free on a neck and not constrain growth of an animal therefore it is recommended to fix it so that between a neck and a collar there was a small interval, approximately in 2 fingers.
Length of a collar is regulated depending on the animal size.
can Use a collar to puppies and kittens 3 months.
One collar is calculated only for one animal.

Storage: to Store
separately from foodstuff, in the place, inaccessible for children and animals, at a temperature from 5 ° up to 25 ° degrees.

Packing: 1 pieces / unitary enterprise.
Producer : AnimAll VetLine, AnimAll International GmbH (the country of registration of a brand - Germany, the country of placement of production capacities - Ukraine) Species of an animalDogs
CatsFormCollarProtection fromFleas
Larvae of fleasBasic operating with the Eastern Military DistrictSpecies of parasitesExternal parasitesapplication TypeFor external applicationApplication is authorized to ECO of substanceof 3 monthsAge of an animalAdult animals
growth Period (till 1 year)

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AnimAll VetLine (EnimAll VetLayn) FitoLine Nature - A collar antiparasitic for dogs and cats from fleas and ticks

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