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A wooden, multi-colored toy from Trixie producer for birds. The Trixie company (Trixie) makes the wide range of accessories for cages which diversify leisure of your pet and in your absence and will not allow it to miss. Grinding of a beak and claws is a natural process which in nature takes place constantly. For the birds who are contained in cages excessively expanded beak and claws are the inconvenience which is followed by decrease of the activity, a loss of appetite. The toy is made of natural wood, without bark and is painted in different flowers. The toy is intended for grinding of the expanded parts of a beak and claws. Each detail of a toy has various form that allows a bird to look after a beak and claws most effectively. The toy suspended on a chain, fastens to the top part of a cage by means of a metal carbine.


production Material: tree.
Length: 30 cm
fastening Type: suspended
It is recommended: parrots, long-tailed parrots, korella.

Packing: 30 cm
Producer: TRIXIE, TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.


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Trixie the Toy wooden, multi-colored for birds

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