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NEOLITE – fast spinning fishing-rods in dynamics, with a little "softened" system, allow to throw very comfortably baits in borders of test range. These fishing-rods best of all proved in coastal catching on Irish jigs bait. They are good and as versatile persons: when catching on wobblers and spinners, including with ryvkovy animation. You surely will like speed and a poslushnost of the form which is minimum loaded with accessories which will do what from it is required. This really new generation of fishing-rods of this class. Material of forms – 40T HI-modulus Reinforced Carbon, throughput rings – 3D Alconite, katushkoderzhatel – VSSM + KDPS, handles are manufactured of a stopper of class AAAA and the material EVA. Characteristics: Dlina (cm): 265 Ves (): 145test/casting (): 8 - 16kol - in sections/knee: 2 Material: carbon fabrics

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Fishing-rod of Team Salmo Neolite 7.7 ft 6-28

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