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  • Spinning of Lineaeffe Lineaeffe Drago Rod of 2.7 m 20-80gr. (2025027)

Thanks to the compactness in folded form (37-63 cm) and small weight (from 56 to 320 grams), telescopic spinnings of the new Drago series from the Lineaeffe company perfectly are suitable for distant travel, departures out of the city on a picnic near water, and especially for those fishers who move to the place of catching in public transport in the conditions of large megalopolises where the risk is very high to break an expensive single-part or binary carbonic fishing-rod. Telescopic spinnings of Lineaeffe Drago are made on the basis of innovative Tubular concept technology. The universal screw katushkoderzhatel gives the chance to establish inertialess, inertia and multiplicatory reels of all types on telescopic fishing-rods of the new Drago series. And the optimum test of telescopic spinnings Lineaeffe Drago on baits of 20-80 grams allows to catch them from the coast or from the boat practically any freshwater fish. The DRAGO series includes 8 models of telescopic fishing-rods from 1 long. 20 m to 3. 60 m. Therefore each amateur fisher can choose to himself "telescope" Lineaeffe Drago according to the conditions of catching on a concrete reservoir. Characteristics: The fishing-rod type a spinningovoyekonstruktion teleskopicheskayamateriat a composite (a combination coal - and fibreglass) the Minimum weight of a bait (casting test) the 20th gmaksimalny weight of a bait (casting test) 80 gkolichestvo of the sections 6 Material of the Handle of a Kompozitdlin in the spread-out look 2. 70 mdlin in folded form 0. 58 mves 195 g

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Spinning of Lineaeffe Lineaeffe Drago Rod of 2.7 m 20-80gr. (2025027)

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