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  • Coil inertialess Tica Lustre Spin-X LCAT3000 (1000733)

Tica (Territorial election commission) there is the Japanese company which enters ten the largest global manufacturers of coils and fishing equipment. The recipe of success is in Japanese ingenious, simple and develops of three components: modern technologies, quality and price. These properties are inherent in all tackles of production Tica. They are extremely reliable and durable. Tica coils - a great choice! New Lustre Spin-X LCAT continues a successful number of the budget coils from Tica. These coils are a striking example of superiority of quality over the price. They are equipped with a multiposition brake that adds reliability at operation in different weather conditions. Engineers of Tica created idle time, but very reliable mechanism. The smallest sizes up to 200 grams perfectly will be suitable for catching of a float tackle. And size 3000 really universal - its power characteristics allow to use the heaviest equipments and to catch trophy fish. Characteristics: transfer number: 5.2 weight: The 308th bearings: The 5th capacity of the spool, mm-m: 0. 30-230

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Coil inertialess Tica Lustre Spin-X LCAT3000 (1000733)

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