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The inertialess coil for winter catching. The extended leg allows to catch comfortably in winter gloves. Features: Brake frictional front FD3 bearing sharikovykhvklyuchatel of an anti-reverse flag nizhniymekhanizm of the drive: brass - alyuminiykorpus and the rotor karboplastovyeshpulya the main plastic (graphite) Handle: - with screw type of fixing - with an opportunity the right / left-side an ustanovkiruchka (knob) plastikovayakharakteristik: Spaciousness (m/mm): 150/0.18tiporazmer: 1000 Ves (): 140 Of Friktsion: peredniykol-in bearings: 3 Spool: 1SDop. spool: netperedatochny number: 5.2:1

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Coil inertialess Salmo Ice Storm 3 1000Fd (1010FD)

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