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In advertizing not nuzhdaetsyaGRENKA. ua presents to Ryobi Ecusima – the coil of the budgetary class with very soft course and the fixed rotor at an open handle of a lesoukladyvatel. "Old residents" of fishing Internet forums so define ability and experience of new users: if your Ecusima covers with a wicker the spool, fishing – not your calling means. Only obvious humanists theorists are not able to appreciate this coil. For other hazardous fishermen this range Ryobi – one of the few darlings who does not demand advertizing. For the money it is the best. And that is why: strong adjusted design: side plays are excluded (only hardly perceptible gap in the field of a knob) uniform and smooth winding: the distributing mechanism prevents formation of "cones" versatile: is suitable for the majority of fishing-rods, including pikerny and feeders with a casting to 50 gchetky, "correct" friktsionuchastnik of one of seasons of Pro Anglers League Vladimir Zhdanov extended a 6-kilogram pike on laytovy Ryobi Ecusima-2000VIfakt according to obzorshchik with YuoTube: the coil runs smoothly throughout 6 letryobi Ecusima – a trouble-free "working horse" who is not afraid of either sand, or ooze and is irreplaceable when catching a perch, crucian, pike, carp (up to 3 kg). The only weak point – a roller of a lesoukladyvatel which sometimes begins "to rustle". But at regular maintenance by means of a napkin, a hygienic stick and lubricant it is easy to bring this shortcoming to naught. To buy Ryobi Ecusima – the choice of those who are aware: the ratio "price/quality" solves everything. Neither tail, nor scales! Be with GRENK'oy. Features: 4 sharikopodshipnikaduga of a protivozakruchivatel, a roller and partially the spool are anodized by nitride titanaudaroprochny graphite korpusmgnovenny antireverskharakteristik: Number of bearings: 4+1peredatochnoye number: 5. 0:1friktsion: a fishing line peredniydlina in the spool (mm-m): 0. 35-110ves: 302 g

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Ryobi Ecusima coil 4000Vi (1002102)

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