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The new cord of Golden Catch Inquisitor PE X4 LG has dense quality of weaving and roundish section - contrary to accessory to the house-keeper to a class, the cord is allocated with significant advantages of more expensive wickers. The novelty has four fibers of polyethylene material and differs in uniform diameter throughout all unwinding. The effective ratio of diameter and power opportunities does Golden Catch Inquisitor PE X4 by one of the most favorable budgetary cords. Material of a novelty possesses the special impregnation keeping structure of a cord in the course of its active operation and also interferes with water absorption. Characteristics: In spool 100 mtsvt – fluorescent zelenyyrazmer, #0. 8 Test 6. 0 kg / 13. 2 lb

Reviews Shnur GC PE0.8 (4139003)

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Shnur GC PE0.8 (4139003)

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