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If you value pleasure and beauty, you definitely need to buy a luxurious vibrating massager with a crystal. This is not just a beautiful luxury gadget, but also an endless source of pleasure with unique intelligent control. Just hold the button and ascend to the heights of bliss with ever-increasing vibration or release it for even impact. The bending head and a convenient handle makes the use of the vibratory massager as comfortable as possible. This popular vibratory massager combines the softness of the material and the flexibility of a housing with a vibration power that can conquer even sophisticated connoisseurs of pleasure. In addition, the stimulation intensity can be adjusted individually simply by holding the button. While the button is pressed, the vibration will increase, release the button and the vibration remains at the selected level to return to a more gentle the effect you need to turn the massager off and on again with a short press of a button. Note the handle is decorated with a luxurious Swarovski crystal, which also serves as a control button. The handle is conveniently sized and shaped, and it fits securely in your hand. The smooth head is equipped with a ribbed metal insert for a richer feel. Charging port is closed silicone plug and almost invisible located at the bottom of the handle marked with letters The vibro massager is packed in an expensive beautiful box u with a viewing window that can also serve as a gift wrap Luxurious vibrating massager with a crystal flexible head infinitely variable intensity intelligent turbo button soft silicone decoration real Swarovski crystal button operated non-slip handle Luxurious vibrating massager created for those who

Reviews Luxurious vibrator PILLOW TALK - Cheeky Pink with Swarovski crystal

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Luxurious vibrator PILLOW TALK - Cheeky Pink with Swarovski crystal

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