Название документа

Trade name: Antimigren
Country producer: Ukraine
Producer: LLC Pharmaceutical Company Zdorovye
Original drug: Is not present
Import: There is no Packaging of
: Tablets
Morion Code: 79696
of M_zhnarodne naymenuvannya: Sumatriptan
ATC/ATX Code: N02C C01
Dosage: 100 mg
Expiration date: 3 years
storage Temperature: from 5 °C to 25 °C
the Method of administration: the Quantity in packing is oral
: 3 To Whom it is possible for
to Allergic persons: with care
to Diabetics: with care
to Drivers: it is forbidden to
Pregnant: it is forbidden to
to Nursing mothers: it is forbidden to
to Children: a nelzyavzaimodeystviye
Interaction with alcohol: there are no data

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ATC/ATX code N02C C01
Country vendor Ukraine
Dosage 100 mg
Expiration date 3 years
Import No
Interaction with alcohol there are no data
International name Sumatriptan
Morion code 79696
Original medicine No
Producer LLC Pharmaceutical Company Zdorovye
Quantity in packing 3
Release form Tablets
Storage temperature from 5 °C to 25 °C
To allergic persons with care
To children it is impossible
To diabetics with care
To drivers it is forbidden
To nursing mothers it is forbidden
To pregnant women it is forbidden
Trade name Antimigren
Way of introduction orally

Reviews Antimigren of a tablet on 100 mg, 3 pieces.

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Antimigren of a tablet on 100 mg, 3 pieces.

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