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It is quite possible to get a triple effect from one remedy. Rejuvenation and moisturizing. It�s quite possible just to buy an exciting cream with a restorative effect. It contains arginine, a snail extract that is known for its anti-aging properties and oligopeptides, a super-modern cosmetology product that can literally stop age-related changes. The Korean brand presents an exciting cream with Caring effect This is a very special product that provides enhanced blood to the vagina and clitoris thereby increasing excitation woman feels orgasm and becomes bright and the maximum explosive effect Such lotions due to the presence in its structure the amino acid arginine stimulates circulation and vessels spreading Enhanced circulation maximizes the thrill in caress time In addition, arginine stabilizes the level for maximum comfort during intimacy. Hamamelis extract, which also has anti-inflammatory properties, is responsible for hydration. Rejuvenation provides the most famous component of Korean cosmetics, snail extract, which contains essential amino acids that are the same as in the connective tissues of the human body and the main regenerative the component of this cream is a human oligopeptide a low molecular weight substance acting at the cellular level olig the peptides stop the cell aging process and restore the elasticity and youthfulness of all tissues. Restore the vitality of your cells while enjoying the aggravated sensations of intimate caresses. Water-based cream so it can be easily washed off if necessary. Absolutely transparent, gentle and completely odorless

Reviews Zini Solution - Rejuvenation For Her Revitalizing Revitalizing Cream (35 ml)

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Zini Solution - Rejuvenation For Her Revitalizing Revitalizing Cream (35 ml)

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