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Active ingredient piracetam the Trade name the Country LUTSETAM® the CJSC Pharmatsevtichesky Producer producer Hungary the EGIS plant, Hungary Import Da Sroc godnosti 5 years of M_zhnarodne naymenuvannya Piracetam Morion Code 75016 of L_karsk the Tablet form, vkrit_ I pl_vkovoit an obolonka, on 400 mg No. 60 at a bottle і, No. 60 (15x4) at bl_ster the Dosage of 400 mg the Quantity Code ATC/ATX N06B X03 in packing 60 Pack of a tablet of 400 mg on 60 tablets in a glass bottle in a cardboard box

Reviews Lucetam tablets 400 mg N60

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Lucetam tablets 400 mg N60

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