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  • Pheromone Incense Sticks MAI Red Fruits (400 pcs)
We offer to buy incense sticks with pheromones. With their help, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere and fill the room with the exciting smell of red fruits. The ideal option for flavoring the space in the store or showroom is that visitors need to stay longer and not leave empty-handed. These aroma sticks will help fill the room with aroma and create a mood for sensual intimacy. What you need for an intimate date. A warm and delicate aroma will gradually fill the entire room and pheromones will speed up the process. getting closer and sharpen your feelings The heady smell of red fruits gently envelops and at the same time is completely unobtrusive. Pheromones act not only exciting but also enhance the sensations during the climax. To use the stick, you need to set fire and put out smoldering Do not use the whole stick for

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Pheromone Incense Sticks MAI Red Fruits (400 pcs)

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