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  • Protisex contraceptive for cats and dogs 100 pieces

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Dogs, Cats


The drug is intended for the regulation and suppression of sexual activity in dogs and cats.


1 tablet contains 5 mg megestrol acetate.


The drug is prescribed to animals at the first signs of sexual arousal (in bitches - the onset of mucous discharge with blood impurities, in cats - subtle signs of estrus accompanied by meowing, in males - signs of arousal).


For males and females, 1 or 2 tablets per day daily (depending on the weight of the animal), forcibly onto the root of the tongue, or ground into powder with a small amount of treats 1-2 hours before meals in doses:

for animals weighing up to 20 kg - 1 tablet per day;

for animals weighing more than 20 kg - 2 tablets per day.

The full course of the drug is:

for animals weighing up to 5 kg - 5-6 tablets;

for animals weighing from 6 to 20 kg - 6-8 tablets;

for animals weighing more than 20 kg - 8-10 tablets.

To maintain a sedative effect, cats and cats are prescribed the drug monthly:

1 tablet for 2-3 days.

Young cats are prescribed 2 tablets at the same time for the first time.

In the case of a quick effect, continue taking the drug for 1 day. After accidental mating to prevent pregnancy of the animal, the drug is administered in the following 24-48 hours: cats - 2 tablets per dose for 2 days, bitches - for 3 days in a dose, which depends on body weight.

2 months after discontinuation of the drug, there is a complete recovery of the reproductive function of the body.


Do not use during pregnancy, diseases of the reproductive system, breast tumors, diabetes.

Do not use in immature dogs and cats.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place at temperatures from + 5 to + 25C.

Expiration date: 3 years.

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Protisex contraceptive for cats and dogs 100 pieces

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