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We offer high quality luxury perfumes produced under license in the United Arab Emirates. This licensed perfumery has a good external resemblance and
 almost identical aroma of the original perfumery, contains natural ORIGINAL oils.
According to Kilian Hennessy, the creator of the fragrance, this is a real bomb with a charge of seduction. She reminds that real princesses enjoy every moment of life. 
This is an olfactory embodiment of audacity and sweetness, courage,determination and sophistication.
The sound of the composition opens with sparkling lemon. This is a real citrus explosion, letting the multifaceted playing of chords into the foreground.

Kilian Bad Boys Are No Good But Good Boys Are No Fun 100 ml UNISEX
Gender: for men
Top note: Coca-Cola, Lime
Heart note: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Apple
Base note: White cedar, Woody
Kylian Hennessy wanted the My Kind of Love fragrances to be multi-layered, but to have an unusual, highly recognizable key ingredient. At the heart of By Kilian Bad Boys Are No
 Good But Good Boys Are No Fun eau de parfum is a Coca-Cola accord. It is a bold, bright and cheerful scent from the woody-spicy family. Incredibly seductive and fresh, 
it will remind you that bad guys are not good, but good guys are boring.
Every drop of this youth elixir evokes a hurricane of emotions! Let's start with a light cocktail based on refreshing ice cola and bright, invigorating lime juice. 
Next is a heady apple brandy with bright accents of cinnamon and nutmeg. The last glass is a warming pine nut balm with a languid note of woody amber. How, 
after such an explosive mixture, continue to hide the wild edge of character?

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Unisex Kilian100 ml Perfume for Women, Perfume for Men

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