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We offer high quality luxury perfumes produced under license in the United Arab Emirates. This licensed perfumery has a good external resemblance and
 almost identical aroma of the original perfumery, contains natural ORIGINAL oils.
Top note: Coffee accord
Heart note: Jasmine, Pink pepper, Orange blossom
Final note: Vanilla, Cedar, Patchouli
The owner of a magnetic perfume enthusiastically enjoys her power over the "powerful of this world" and is able to conquer men's hearts with just one glance. 
Her gaze, like the enchanting sillage of the perfume, remains in the memory of others for a long time.
This bold, bold and at the same time sensual scent opens up with invigorating accords of coffee beans. Like a sip of a fragrant drink, this perfume energizes.
Heart notes captivate with the sweetness of orange blossom petals, the freshness of jasmine and the pungency of red pepper. Finishing chords will remind of themselves with hints of vanilla, 
cedar and patchouli. Plunge into the sea of ​​pleasure!

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Black Opium YSL 90 ml Perfume for Women

  • Product Code: Black Opium YSL 90 ml Perfume for Women
  • Registration Date : 22/12/2020
    Number Of Products : 30

  • Availability: In Stock
  • $52.95

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