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We offer high quality luxury perfumes produced under license in the United Arab Emirates. This licensed perfumery has a good external resemblance and
 almost identical aroma of the original perfumery, contains natural ORIGINAL oils.
Scent type: oriental, floral
Classification: Elite
Top note: orange, bergamot
Heart note: jasmine, rose
Final note: vetiver, patchouli

This is a fresh, floral-spicy eau de toilette, created as a tribute to the admiration of a bright and extraordinary personality - the unsurpassed, bold, forever young Mademoiselle Coco Chanel,
 who turned the world of fashion with clean elegant lines of her style.
Light and beautiful scent is filled with breath of spring wind, sunny warmth and romance of Paris. According to men, he has an indescribable sexuality and magnetism, which envelops his owners,
creating an aura of attractiveness and charm.
The freshness of this fragrance is more sparkling than the original, and the softened base notes are seductive and incredibly light. It starts with an intense fresh note. 
The combination of bergamot and orange enlivens the sound with a light bitterness of grapefruit, turning into a fruity "luminous" note of lychee. Floral heart notes shimmer
 with delicate shades of Italian jasmine and rose, complemented by light accords of patchouli, bourbon vanilla, vetiver, white musk. This aroma makes you feel beautiful, happy and confident, demonstrating impeccable taste.

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Chanel coco MADEMOISELLE 100 ml Perfume for Women

  • Product Code: Chanel coco MADEMOISELLE 100 ml Perfume for Women
  • Registration Date : 22/12/2020
    Number Of Products : 30

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