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We offer high quality luxury perfumes produced under license in the United Arab Emirates. This licensed perfumery has a good external resemblance and
 almost identical aroma of the original perfumery, contains natural ORIGINAL oils.
Carolina Herrera Good Girl 80 ml 
Good Girl played seemingly incongruous notes in the pyramid:

The top notes enticed the spicy aroma of coffee beans mixed with sweet almonds;
The luxurious floral background of the heart was filled with the dope of jasmine, exquisite tuberose, the duet of regal white flowers was complemented by the strict powder of iris;
Warm notes of cocoa and tonka beans, mixed with a woody haze of sandalwood and an oriental flavor of vanilla, formed into an insanely sensual trail.
The composition attracts the attention of women who have a weakness for sweet, oriental, gourmand perfumes. By most estimates, eau de toilette is revealed in all its 
glory in the autumn-winter period. Time of day - afternoon, late evening. Both young women and older ladies love the Good Girl. Some admit that Good Girl makes Carolina Herrera
 feel like they've dropped a couple of years.

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Carolina Herrera Good Girl 80 ml Perfume for Women

  • Product Code: Carolina Herrera Good Girl 80 ml Perfume for Women
  • Registration Date : 22/12/2020
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