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We offer high quality luxury perfumes produced under license in the United Arab Emirates. This licensed perfumery has a good external resemblance and
 almost identical aroma of the original perfumery, contains natural ORIGINAL oils.
Scent type: floral
Gender: women
Top note: Sicilian mandarin
Heart note: Apricot, Damask rose, Peach, Peony
Final note: White musk
Dear ladies, accept a modest gift from Christian Dior - a fragrant bouquet of exquisite flowers, imprisoned in every drop of Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette. The perfume painting is painted with floral strokes and complemented by barely audible fruity notes.
The top notes of the composition are unbridled summer freshness, represented by a ripe orange and a combination of several other citrus fruits.
 The heart note is the elegance of a majestic red rose and peony. An unforgettable aftertaste creates a persistent musk complemented by patchouli aromas. 
Blooming Bouquet is a fragrance of tenderness and femininity. Its owner does not take grace and femininity, she is perfection itself, and every day it becomes even more beautiful.

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Dior Miss Dior BLOOMING BOUQUET 100 ml Perfume for Women

  • Product Code: Dior Miss Dior BLOOMING BOUQUET 100 ml Perfume for Women
  • Registration Date : 22/12/2020
    Number Of Products : 30

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  • $49.95

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