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  • Frautest Express. Pregnancy test. 3 pieces
A pregnancy test can figure out whether you are expecting a baby - with its help you will quickly and at home get an answer to an exciting question. How to choose a suitable product among a wide range of products on the Ukrainian markets?

What day and what time of day is the test performed?
The leading role in determining pregnancy is the sensitivity to the content of hCG in the urine. It is the morning collection that is considered sufficiently concentrated, so the instructions for most tests recommend the time after getting out of bed to diagnose fertilization. But many modern products do not focus on specific watches. For example, the jet varieties are highly susceptible to gonadotropin in urine.

The overwhelming majority of tests have a figure of 20-25 mMU / ml. With their help, an interesting position is identified from the first days of the cycle delay. But there is no reason to carry out the procedure earlier. If pregnancy is required to be detected as soon as possible, it is recommended to purchase a test with the highest possible sensitivity - 10 mMU / ml. Its price is much higher, but it is effective already a week after the probable conception.

How to choose a pregnancy test?
The main criterion a woman should rely on when buying a test is not only cost, but its accuracy. Check the information on the package in detail - the sensitivity of the product is marked with the marking 10, 20, 25, 30, which is identical to the amount of hCG in the urine. The lower the number, the higher the sensitivity of the test, which means the higher the reliability. Varieties with an index of 10 are designed to detect fertilization 7 days after the possible date of conception, which is an alternative to laboratory analysis.

In any case, this result will be preliminary. Accurate information is obtained only after a delay in menstruation. The gestational age cannot be determined by any test - neither inkjet nor electronic. Only a quantitative blood test in a laboratory can provide such information.

Are mistakes made?
If the test shows two clear or subtle stripes, this is a likely sign that the woman is in position. In some cases, a positive result turns out to be false - for example, in the case of the formation of tumors or taking certain medications. When is a false negative possible?

The concentration of hCG has not yet reached the required level.
There are violations in the work of the kidneys.
A large amount of water has been drunk.
If the test shows two stripes, the chance of error is almost impossible. In a situation where there is only one line, the verdict is not final. Try to repeat the procedure after a while.

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Frautest Express. Pregnancy test. 3 pieces

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