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  • Until the wedding do us part Spain. DVD [Blu-ray] 2020

Marina is a young bright girl who fully enjoys youth. She loves her job and spends all her free time with a cheerful company of friends. The heroine does not yet think about the future and prefers non-binding relationships with men, since she is not ready for a serious relationship. But one day Marina meets the ideal representative of the opposite sex. At first glance, she just loses her head. But the girl realizes that they cannot be together, since he is the fiance of her best friend. As a result, Marina faces a very difficult choice: to fight for her happiness or not to interfere in the life of a loved one?

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Title: Hasta que la boda nos separe

Genre: Comedy, melodrama

Year: 2020

Country: Spain

Studio: Hasta que la boda nos separe

Length: 01:50:34

Pretranslator: Professional polyphonic

Audio: Russian (AC3, 6 ch, 384 Kbps), English (DTS-HD MA, 6 ch, 2076 Kbps)

Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 34800 Kbps, 1920x1080

Subtitles: Russian, English

IMDB: 5.8

Director: Dani de la Order

Actors: Belen Cuesta, Alex Garcia, Silvia Alonso, Adrian Lastra, Antonio Dechent, Mariam Hernandez, Gracia Olio, Salva Reina, Ricardo Castella, Jorge Ponce

Type: Blu-ray

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Until the wedding do us part Spain. DVD [Blu-ray] 2020

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